Creative portrait and people photography

It’s simple really…we love people, people make the world go round, each character that comes through the door is unique and we love to bring this out in the photography. Everyone we shoot tells us what a great experience it was, some were dreading it, some are ultra fussy or critical, we get that and find ways to make the job work. We have had all kinds come to us…black, white, brown pink and yellow, some are awkward, some are shy, occasionally outgoing. Some come to us with an agenda, some with a story - we love a story - we can use it in the imagery. As always though you will probably leave with ‘something you didn’t expect’. Just remember please, we don’t do this for you to hang on the wall…our photography is devised to advertise or promote you in some fashion so please do not call us for a family sitting! Get in touch today on 01684 850556 for an estimate.