Advertising Photography for Industry and Manufacturing

Anyone will tell you, we love getting our hands dirty which is why we also love photographing anything industrial, inevitably…got pretty good at it too. Coming originally from the industrial North we have been in some pretty amazing locations and situations…it could suspended from a ceiling 30 ft up or crawling around inside a stainless steel centrifugal cylinder for the nuclear industry, regardless we love it. Big engineering is a bloke thing and I get excited by the possibilities for making images in these situations and I have worked on (literally) some really cool projects from solar array fed football stadiums in the Qatar desert to flaming (and exploding) balls of fire designed for the winter olympics in Sochi! If your current photographer is frightened by heights or annoyed at breaking a fingernail - we are just the guys for you. We are always looking for new clients so get in touch today on 01684 850556 for an estimate.