OK…any photographer worth their salt should be creating personal work on a regular basis. This photography feeds the creative urge, it defines the message, the viewpoint, the opinion of the photographer. Photography is an act of visual communication and therefore must inform and educate, discuss and tell a story or it has failed. To be able to do this effectively the imagemaker must ‘know’ themselves intimately to effectively make a statement. The imagery must be challenging in terms of the current art market, it should be experimental and reflective of the photographer’s style (style is really a tool box of design we use to create the message, i.e. colour, shapes, viewpoint, arrangement of tones, use of metaphor, symbols, motifs and the such like) Most of all - as commercial photographers - the imagery should translate into the commercial world, it should be usable in the marketplace. If you want to test your photographer, ask to see their personal portfolio, if they don’t have one - run a mile to one that does and can talk about it eloquently. We are always looking for clients that need a more personal viewpoint in their photography so get in touch today on 01684 850556 to discuss how my style can help you in your next campaign.