Client: Pamela Chen
Purpose: Web site collateral / book
Web Site: Pamela Chen
Art Direction: Pamela Chen / Andy Hockridge
Photographer: Andy Hockridge
Styling: Andy Hockridge
I chose Andy to be my photographer, and would definitely recommend him, because.... Andy’s portfolio shows consistency in the quality (light, composition, essence of the subject matter...): I had looked at other photographers' work, and he was the one that stood out a mile. ALL of his photos were GREAT, whereas others may have the odd 'weaklings'. For what I need: location, action shot, food, some 'still life', Andy is the ideal all-rounder! Andy’s professionalism: the pre-shoot planning chat, the props you brought, your input on styling of food and everything that goes with/around it (including what I wear!). You were well prepared and you helped me to be well prepared, too. His patience and help/ guidance in post-production was incredible. Andy makes others feel at ease and safe! In the situation of long photo shoots, being on my own working with someone, it's VERY important that I feel comfortable with that person. Andy’s personality: there's always laughter wherever he goes. He is one of the warmest and funniest people I know, and it's just great fun to be around him, which is also what I REPEATEDLY hear from people!!!) To be able to laugh my way through work… What added bonus! Andy is genuine and honest, both personally and professionally. Andy possesses a great artistic flare! I value his opinions and input in my projects very much.
Pamela Chen Moore