colouful watch straps on a glass surface shot for Geckota watches in the studio
Client: Andy Hillier / John Quinn
Purpose: Web site collateral
Web Site: SOZO Design
Art Direction: Andy Hillier
Photographer: Andy Hockridge
Styling: Andy hockridge
Andy has done a number of shoots for us, from product photography to our team photos, and we are really pleased with the images. They are a real benefit to our company as we are on-line retailers and the imagery we need is very important to the business. Andy is very easy-going and an experienced photography, and will always have ideas for imagery required. He is also talented in post-processing of the images which is also very important in the production of quality images. I would recommend Andy if you have any professional photography you are looking to have done
Andy hillier - Marketing Manager - Geckota
Geckota Web site