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Food Photography
Food glorious food…this is our favourite kind of photography - mostly because we get fed afterwards! But seriously, this is where we want to expand our business further. We are lucky to have worked with some fine people in this area, proper chefs that know what they are doing, even won Michelin stars. We believe the secret to great food photography is to make it look unctuous, bright and colourful - stand back and watch them salivate! We specialise in getting the light right, also having an eery instinct for the best viewpoint, mood and style. Our studio is beginning to get overtaken with plates, knives and forks, pots, pans, rolling pins, bottles, glasses, baking trays, serviettes and all manner of cool props to style these images. We are looking for new clients constantly so get in touch today on 01684 850556 for an estimate.
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