Imagemaker Studios is dedicated to creating highly imaginative, sometimes experimental imagery for business and the advertising industry. We have worked tirelessly with advertising and marketing agencies since day one and here below are some (not all) examples of these collaborations spanning nearly 20 years. Because we have been professionally trained to work in this industry we just understand designers, we understand that you need space for logos, titles and text, we understand that these images are to be cropped for a web banner, we understand that consistency and message are key to a successful production.
We love working with other creatives, we are kindred spirits, we love the buzz, we thrive on generating ideas and pushing the brief forward and beyond the client’s expectations, equally we are very experienced at simply doing as we are asked and delivering top quality intelligent imagery. If you would like to experience our gusto for great image making call us on 01684 850556 or 07913 873018, you can mail us using the envelope icon to the left of this page.
A specialised creative studio photograph of two Lowe Alpine rucksacks shot for Cactus Creative in Kendal
Cactus Creative
Cactus are a full service agency based in Kendal, Cumbria
Lowe Alpine
A lovely furniture photograph shot on location in a modern kitchen with paintings fruit and wine.
Gough Bailey Wright
Gough bailey Wright are an advertising agency based in Bromsgrove
Whiteheads Designs
A lifestyle photograph of a young trendy couple on holiday running down the steps of the Midland Hotel in Morecambe at sunset
Graphics - Morecambe
Graphics of Morecambe are a mass marketing specialist that deal mainly with DM brochures & leaflets
Lancaster Tourism
A photograph shot in a conference room of a stylish hotel featuring two young business people smiling over a laptop computer
Hotfoot Design
Hotfoot Design are a graphic and web design studio based in lancaster
Bowland Village Inns
A plate of freshly cooked colourful seafood with salad garnish and salt and pepper grinders shot on a white tablecloth
JAM Design
JAM design are a PR & marketing agency based in Lancaster
Simply Fresh
The brightly daylit interior of an ultra modern colourful kitchen featuring wall to ceiling bi-folding doors in the background
McInnes Communications
McInnes are a specialist agency serving the UPVC windows and doors industry.
A black and white close up of hot stones resting on the curved back of a young girl lying down on a couch in a beauty treatment salon
APT Marketing
APT are a marketing and PR support agency based in Cheltenham.
Cedars Salon
A close up photograph of the face and hair of a pretty young girl well made up in a studio shot setting for Daniel Gray Hair Salon
Mullin Design
Mullen Design are a full service agency based in Kendal, Cumbria
Daniel Gray Salon
A business type photograph of a chinese business student in a suit walking down a modern colourful corridor with another student sat working on a laptop
Portfolio are the creative graphics department within Lancaster University
STORi Institute
A fashion clothing photograph of two beautiful young models in similar striped tops leaning against the bright red hull of a ship in a shipyard
Sinclair Design
Sinclair Design are a specialist mail order marketing agency in Kendal, Cumbria
A fashion clothing photograph of a young bright girl in knitted top and jeans walking along the sea front at Morecambe Lancashire on a sunny day
Tulchan design
Tulchan have their own in house design department based in Cumbria
Tulchan Clothing