Welcome to Design Photography the commercial portfolio site for Imagemaker Studios - we create imagery that is always exciting, fresh, experimental & occasionally - unexpected! But the images are designed to give your business’s advertising and marketing campaigns that unique edge you may have been missing until now. We combine our wealth of experience and qualifications with the latest studio kit to take you and your business on an ‘adventure with light’ that could produce something amazing, BTW we do location work too!
Below are current and latest projects, if you wish to see more extensive portfolios please use the ‘portfolios’ section above. Thank you.

*GREAT NEWS* Imagemaker Studios are now offering even more e-commerce solutions by providing invisible mannequin imagery for the clothing sector and HTML5 360 degree spin photography - ask us for an estimate and examples.
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courtyard architectural hardware
Some more images for this new client, this time a series of new web banners for their brand Henry Blake, web site coming soon.
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Tivoli Cinema
A brand new boutique cinema in the centre of Bath commissioned us to shoot their food portfolio, we were recommended to them by Rob at Creed Food Service. This cinema is part of the Empire Cinema chain and we hope this will lead to further work from this great British brand.
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Yantos Pancake House
A Gloucestershire restaurant called Yantos asked us to shoot their entire menu and we jumped at this because we knew it would be a great addition to the portfolio. A delicious and colourful shoot resulted.
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Enhanced Homes
A brand new client for the studio Enhanced Homes gave us a 3 day job to shoot all their furniture range, cut out to white and retouch where necessary, a perfect e-commerce client.
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BeHair UK
Our good friends at BeHair UK set us a lovely project to shoot their innovative and clever curved scissors in conjunction with other products in the ‘ARC’ range, these were for a launch exhibition in Italy this month.

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chapmans ikoyi
A PR agency commissioned us to shoot a small portfolio of atmospheric images & POS for this fledgling drinks brand. We are pretty proud of these.

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Steve Toon Guitars
See Steve's site
My good friend and client Steve Toon builds custom classical guitars and is slowly becoming a world leader in his field. We have shot his product images for the last 2-3 years but he asked me to create a promo video for his web site, we don’t usually get involved with video but in this case we couldn’t resist.

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Creed Food Service
Once again our lovely client Creed Food Service asked was to create imagery for their 2018 Christmas brochure…the smell of Turkey cooking around the studio was almost too much to bear but we pulled through creating 12-15 atmospheric images that work beautifully.

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courtyard architectural
A brand new client for the studio Courtyard Architectural Hardware are designers and manufacturers of door furniture to the trade, we were asked to shoot some products for their brand Henry Blake and create a series of magazine adverts.

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Soda Stream
COMING SOON - Through our friends at Mosaique Design we were commissioned to shoot a Global relaunch for this famous brand. A superb video was created at the same time by the ever so talented Bexmedia. We will be able to publish the full portfolio in the next few weeks.

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Tim Smith
Tim is a concert pianist recently graduated from the prestigious Birmingham Conservatoire, being a close friend of a close friend he needed a portfolio of images to create his first web site as a concert pianist.

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Jono & Kyle
One of my clients is BeHair chain of Salons for whom we have been shooting their product range - these images were of the directors Jono & Kyle, open to some cool and funky portraits, this is what we did for them.

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Manor by the Lake
This is a major hotel and wedding venue in Cheltenham and they were disappointed in their current food and wedding menu photography, after a meeting to find out what the issue was we set out to correct this, we have now done 2 sessions and look forward to several more.

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Lloyd Looms UK
We were approached by a company who have bought the rights and trademark to this fabulous traditional brand of furniture and was commissioned to create a series of studio images to kick start the business in the UK, lifestyle location work will follow. www.lloydlooms.co.uk
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South West Custom Wheels
This is a company on the same trading estate as our studio who were building up a showcase of their talent and required quality studio images for the web site www.southwestcustomwheels.co.uk

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Taste of Argan Oil
Janina Neumann Design asked me to create a portfolio of imagery featuring her imported Argan Oil these include some fantastic food photography created by the Holistic Chef Jamie Rafftery.
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Thomas Legal Group
Third Floor design commissioned me to shoot these team photos at the studio for Thomas Legal group following on from their web site redesign and re-branding exercise.

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Ducketts Stonemasons
Ducketts Stonemasons are an exceptional carved and milled stone manufacturer, you can see this work at www.naturallystone.co.uk
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Alex Chapman
Alex is an old friend and a cracking singer songwriter, we shot a great portfolio of images for his web site based on vintage and grunge themes utilising his love of Taekwondo.
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Steve Lyons from Allaboutthefood is a highly qualified chef having worked at 2 Michelin star restaurants with the likes of Raymond Blanc, now he is branching out on his own and needed a full portfolio for his web site and FB pages.

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Speedr Innovations
Gary from Speedr has invented a belt drive for bicycles and fitted this to a BMX bike, we had the pleasure of creating the first product images for this revolutionary drive.
You can see this on the ‘products’ portfolio or just click ‘see this project’.
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Leon James
A small but crafted portfolio for Leon James watches shot through Ventutec of Worcester.
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Modulex are a world renowned signage and display manufacturer and installer. This portfolio is of their installation for Moller at a Danish hospital. You can see this on the ‘products’ portfolio or just click ‘see this project’.
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Nord Acoustics
Colin at Nord found us on Google and got in touch…to be honest I was like a child in a sweet shop! A perfect job for Imagemaker Studios and a perfect long term client, we love doing products.
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Carter & Co Jewellery
Carter Gore
Agile Design asked me to shoot a small but nice portfolio of images for a new jewellery brand
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Adrian Malpass
sme magazine
We have been shooting for the SME magazine for over a year now and thought we would publish a portfolio of imagery from several jobs, there are some seriously lovely pictures on this page.
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Fashion photography by Imagemaker Studios in Cheltenham
Arkell & Wills
Debz and Nicky have created a luxury cashmere brand based in Cheltenham, through Third Floor Design they contacted us to shoot their catalogue, studio and lifestyle imagery.
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Indian food photography by Imagemaker Studios in Cheltenham
Westbridge foods
Shooting food is something we love and Westbridge have been on our radar for 2 years now having ‘threatened’ to give us some work ages ago. This is our first job for them - Indian snack foods.
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Chen Moore Photography
We have been creating food photography with Pamela for about two years now and it just gets better and better. As her career progresses so does the imagery we make for her to promote herself. Some of these latest images are for her forthcoming recipe book.
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sara da silva
This exercise fashion brand approached us because they were unhappy with their current studio photography. Strictly commerce imagery here with some good art direction.
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Anderson Business Photography
Anderson Wealth
We work with web design agencies all the time and GEL studios introduced us to Anderson, a wealth asset management business in Swindon, this is a web site portfolio of the offices and people in the company.
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Manchester based online retailer LA BANUS asked us to create images of one of their range, the rest will be completed in the next few months whilst we wait for the manufacturer. The link here takes you to the products portfolio as there are only 2 images.
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Woodstock Trading
Woodstock trusted us with this taps and shower heads photography because we have the experience and skills to light reflective metallic surfaces correctly.
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Stock n lock
Ryan at Stock N Lock Worcester commissioned us to create a full portfolio of images for their new web site, these images are featured in the ‘locations’ portfolio.
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Iain Mcinnes
Iain runs his own design agency specialising in the windows, doors and conservatories sector, we have known each other for many years and he needed a new set of profile images. Shot at Third Floor Design studios.
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Blueprint Solutions
Simon Kirkbride provides logistics and planning solutions to major businesses in the Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and engineering sectors. They were creating a new brand identity and brochure / marketing materials.
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Olivia by day is a recruitment specialist and she won a free studio session with me back in June, the work was for supposed to be for 2 hrs but ended up being 6 and some really cool, interesting images came from us ‘having fun’.
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Athena telecom
Athena Telecom were having a rebranding exercise and they came to us for our expertise in creating this clever and intelligent portfolio of images that will now become the cornerstone of their identity,
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tewkesbury printers
Tewkesbury Printers are having a new web site and following on from our blossoming relationship I was asked to produce a portfolio of creative images to fill out the products page, more to come.
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Male physique competition winner photograph in cinematic style
Freddie Boyle
A studio session with the late and great Freddy Boyle who passed away recently but these images are testament to his character.
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two Geckota watches photographed in the studio with reflections
Geckota, a successful ecommerce watchstrap company made the leap into launching their own brand of watches. Signature images for the ecommerce site and for use in social media were commissioned along with a funky team photo shoot.
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four colourful glass balls hung in a row photographed in the studio
Sienna Glass
Sienna design & import these beautiful glass balls and heart shaped glass gifts. The job has 2 parts studio images & then lifestyle photography on location.
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Scallops sat on a bed of beetroot with pea shoots and horseradish cream shot for The Supper Table
The Supper Table
Offering a bespoke dining experience, The Supper Table is run by the talented, chocolate and jam-loving chef Clare Fenwick Hyde, based in Malvern. The great lads at We Are Beard created the website, but a portfolio of the many scrumptious dishes Clare somehow conjures up were definitely a priority requirement!
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A photograph of Gloucester quays shot in late evening with beautiful clouds buildings and tall ships
Gloucester Quays
Commissioned by Simon Oxford of Regus at North Warehouse at Gloucester Docks, a ground floor renovation project was crying out for wallpaper and canvas prints of the docks - a stunning and enjoyable creative project that I’m immensely proud of.
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A food photograph of tofu with spring onions peppers carrots and noodles photograph for Chen Moore Chopsticks
Chen Moore
Pamela Chen Moore and I met networking and almost immediately hit it off. We did a series of food images and we are currently shooting her ongoing book project.
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two duck breasts with garnish and jus shot for the whitebrook restaurant monmouthshire
The Whitebrook
Known as the ‘Restaurant with Rooms’, 3AA rosettes and with a Michelin star restaurant, the Whitebrook is an intimate, delightful dining experience serving locally sourced food and freshly foraged herbs. Commissioned through Helen at Litchfield Morris, a portfolio gallery was required for the new website and promotional material – the food is simply amazing!
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A studio photograph of Martyn Court a jazz saxophonist with a saxophone around his neck shot in the Imagemaker studios
Martyn Court
Martin found me at Laptop Friday recently and commissioned me to create some ‘funky’ jazz player images of him, great project and great guy.
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A photograph of a bowl of fresh strawberries and elderflowers shot on a wooden background with old spoon and serviette
Gluts & Gluttony
Bumping into Kathy Slack of Gluts and Gluttony was a sheer delight – I was immediately struck by her garden and kitchen ethos: ‘Growing it. Cooking it. Eating it. Running a cookery course, supper club and fine dining business, Kathy was in much need of a food shoot for all the abundance coming out of the garden and into the kitchen.
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A photograph of the singer Brian Black in a purple shirt and jeans shot on an aquamarine background
Brian Black
A full studio portfolio was this brief, for Brian’s aspirations as a singer – the work is edgy, dark and funky, but works well and captures his prospective singing talents, through imagery.
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Supporting global and local brands, creative directors, marketing professionals, magazine editors and businesses, this is persuasive and inspiring commercial photography that delivers and delights. We see the possibilities other photographers often miss bringing positive emotion and individuality into the imagery.

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Supporting creative directors, marketing professionals, magazine editors and businesses, this is persuasive and inspiring commercial photography that delivers and delights.

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Several jars of fresh strawberry panna cotta wirh elderflowers shot on a wooden background by imagemaker studios
Having known Andy for a couple of years now, networked with him, worked with him, been snapped by him and successfully recommended him on several occasions, I can't speak highly enough about his skills, experience and approach to commercial photography. He's also an exceptionally decent bloke. Highly recommended! Hire Andy before your biggest competitor does!.”

Al Hidden - The Gloucestershire Copywriter
“ Andy took some fabulous room shots for us to highlight particular products, including a seasonal selection. He gave just the right amount of input, and was helpful and creative throughout. As novices to this we felt supported in what we did, and like Andy really took the time to understand our vision of the end result. The images were beautiful, and ideal for purpose.”

Anna Brooks - Iapetus gallery
I commissioned Andy to take new head shots of me so I could update my online profiles. To say I am delighted with the results would be an understatement! I’ve got a great portfolio of images that includes a range of beautifully composed formal, informal and fun shots so I’ve got something for every online setting. Andy is an extraordinarily talented photographer and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Catherine Every - Writer